Legal Notice

1.Service Terms and Legal Disclaimer

COMSOVE as well as its affiliates and subsidiaries around the globe (hereinafter referred to as "COMSOVE" for short) would like to thank you for visiting COMSOVE's products and global website ( (hereinafter referred to as this "Website" for short).


This Service Terms and Legal Disclaimer (hereinafter referred to as the "Disclaimer" for short) applies to all the users visiting this Website as well as all the information, suggestions and/or services provided for you through this Website. Please read through the Disclaimer carefully before using this Website. If you do not consent to any term in the Disclaimer, please stop using this Website. Your use of/access to this Website shall be deemed as you have understood and completely consented to all terms in the Disclaimer, including any revision to the Disclaimer by this Website. COMSOVE might modify these terms at any time, and the modified terms will take effect immediately after they are released. For behaviors violating these terms, COMSOVE shall have the right to take remedial measures, including legal actions.

3.Interpretation Right

The right to interpret this Disclaimer and the right to interpret the use of this Website belong to COMSOVE. COMSOVE can revise the contents at this Website at any time without any notice or reminder. In order to get information about the latest version, please visit this Website regularly to learn about the current terms. COMSOVE can terminate, modify, suspend or stop any part of this Website at any time, such as restricting certain services or restricting you from visiting certain parts of this Website or all the features and services of this Website, without having to notify you in advance and without assuming any responsibility.

4.No Warranties and Representations

For all information published at this Website, including but not limited to texts, images, data, viewpoints, suggestions, webpages or links, the Company doesn't provide a guarantee in any form. As the Company is unable to obtain all the related information, there might be some incorrect, missing and expired information. Meanwhile, the Company explicitly declares that it doesn't take responsibility for the errors or omissions of these materials and contents, nor does it make any expressed or implied guarantee for these materials and contents, including but not limited to the guarantee for ownership, the guarantee for not infringing upon the rights of third parties, the guarantee for quality, and the guarantee for having no computer viruses. When the users of this Website have breached the provisions of this Disclaimer and thus have broken the related laws, they shall take responsibility for the outcomes on their own. COMSOVE and this Website don't assume any responsibility arising therefrom.

5.Third-party Websites

The links from this Website to the websites of third parties are provided to you as a service for convenience only, and do not indicate COMSOVE's recognition and recommendation for the information, nor are they used for publicity or advertising purposes. The Company doesn't guarantee the accuracy, completeness, adequacy and reliability of any information, data, viewpoint, image, statement or suggestion provided by those links. Once you use those links, you will leave this Website. If you decide to visit any third-party website linked to this Website, you shall bear all the possible outcomes and risks, and COMSOVE doesn't assume any responsibility arising therefrom.


COMSOVE accepts no responsibility for any damage that might be caused to your computer or other properties by your access to or your use of this Website or your download of any information or material from this Website, or for any computer virus that might infect your computer or other properties. COMSOVE makes no guarantee that this Website will operate perfectly, will be stable and reliable, or will have no errors. COMSOVE accepts no responsibility in any circumstance for any loss or damage you have suffered for not being able to log in to this Website or not being able to obtain information from this Website.

7.Product Terms

All the information, instructions and illustrations provided at this Website are compiled based on the latest product information published at the time. COMSOVE reserves the right to change this Website's content at any time without prior notice. Due to limitations of technical conditions, COMSOVE accepts no responsibility for typos about colors, materials, products, instructions and product series. These typos might affect the price and description of a vehicle. COMSOVE will do its best to ensure that the information at this Website is up-to-date and accurate. But COMSOVE takes no responsibility for anyone relying on any information at this Website. The product prices are the suggested retail prices for the authorized dealers. To learn the specific price of a product, please contact the company's sales representatives and service outlets, as well as authorized dealers.

8.Data Collection and Protection

When you browse our Website, the Website's server will automatically record some of your browsing data. This Website promises to protect your privacy. For any personal information that you might be asked to provide when you browse this Website, you are free to determine whether you want to provide it. After you have provided the information, COMSOVE will use it to the extent permitted by law, to improve its services for you.

Once you have submitted your personal information, it indicates that you have already understood and accepted the usage of your personal information, and that you have agreed to allow COMSOVE to use your personal information for this specific purpose. Without your permission, COMSOVE promises not to sell your personal information at any time and under any circumstance. However, COMSOVE might provide certain of your personal information to the legal or government agencies at their request; or COMSOVE might make certain of your personal information public within a scope as small as possible when it has a reason to believe that it's necessary to do so to protect the Company, its customers or the public. When you provide your personal information, you are supposed to have foreseen such a situation or have agreed that there might be such a situation.

9.Information Uploading

Any visitor shall not mail or send any material or information containing viruses or involving insults, defamations, rumors, other material or information designated as illegal or infringing by relevant Macedonian laws to this Website or from this Website. COMSOVE doesn't have the obligation to monitor and/or check the information entered to this Website by you, and doesn't assume any responsibility and obligation related to the information entered to this Website by you. COMSOVE reserves the right to check and delete the information entered by you at its sole discretion without notice or explanation.


COMSOVE reserves all rights. All the texts, graphics, images, photos, audio files, animation files, and video files at this Website as well as all the page designs and other intellectual property rights of this Website are under protection. You shall not reproduce or distribute them for commercial purposes, and you shall not revise them or use or publish them at other websites in any way. As an exception, all images, videos and texts can be used for promotional and announcement purposes by showing the source, excluding commercial uses. The copyrights may of some images at this Website belong to their third-party providers.


Unless otherwise indicated, all the trademarks and logos at this Website are the properties of COMSOVE, including but not limited to the names of all the product models, the name of each series and each vehicle model, as well as the company's logos, brands and images.


COMSOVE strives to create an innovative website with a wide range of contents. We sincerely hope that you are satisfied with our services and can become one of COMSOVE's supporters. In the meantime, COMSOVE respects and protects the intellectual property rights of this Website, including its patents, trademarks and copyrights. Therefore, we hope you know that none of COMSOVE's intellectual property rights or third-party intellectual property rights used at this Website is permitted or authorized for use in other places by individuals or other organizations or corporations.

13.Applicable Laws

The laws of the North Macedonia shall apply to the disputes arising from this Disclaimer or the use of this Website.