Digital Media Policy

1. Be honest when disclosing your identity

If you post about the auto industry or COMSOVE, disclose that you work for or with the company by using the hashtag #faithfullyCMSV to your post. Once you make the choice to acknowledge your affiliation with COMSOVE in the social space, any of your online activity may be associated with your employment at COMSOVE, potentially impacting your professional reputation or the reputation of our organization. Also, be sure anything you post online about COMSOVE or its products or services is accurate.

2. Only approved spokespeople can speak on behalf of COMSOVE

Even after you have identified yourself as working for COMSOVE, be clear that the views and opinions you have expressed are your own. If you think an official COMSOVE response may be required for something you see on social media, contact the COMSOVE Digital Touch Team at digital[at]

So COMSOVE can properly track and report product problems, do not try and resolve other people’s vehicle problems yourself online. Instead refer them to the COMSOVE Digital Touch Team at digital[at]

3. Do not make recommendations for coworkers or suppliers on LinkedIn

COMSOVE does not allow employees to write professional recommendations. This guidance extends to digital platforms such as LinkedIn.

4. Keep confidential information to yourself

You should never reveal non-public company information on social media. Treat all confidential information and trade secrets of our company, of our partners and suppliers, as strictly confidential.

5. New social media channels require approval

To ensure channel success, you should not open COMSOVE social media channels without first getting approval from the COMSOVE Digital Media Center of Expertise. For additional information about the new channel request process, contact digital[at]

6. Use good judgement about what and how you share

Keep in mind that your posts can potentially tarnish reputations or infringe on the rights of someone else. Do not post information or rumors that you suspect or know to be false about COMSOVE.

7. Treat others with respect

Customers, colleagues, supervisors, suppliers, competitors and others may have access to your posts. Offensive or inappropriate remarks are as out-of-place online as they are offline. Use the same set of standards as you do in the physical workplace.

8. Private things sometimes are not private

Many times things that you publish can be seen or found by others, despite privacy settings. Consider everything you post online as potentially discoverable by anyone.

9. Familiarize yourself with the Digital Media Policy

If you are a COMSOVE employee, employee of a COMSOVE subsidiary or COMSOVE Representative (consultants, agents, sales representatives, independent contractors, and contract workers), it is your responsibility to be familiar with the Policy in its entirety, as well as any regional addendums associated with your location.

10. Protecting COMSOVE Information

You should never reveal non-public company information, financial or otherwise, on a site accessible to anyone outside of COMSOVE. You also should not comment in Digital Media about information or topics covered by the attorney-client privilege.

Examples of prohibited disclosures include:
* Knowledge of potential acquisitions or divestitures
* Future product launches
* Financial information
* Marketing plans
* Production schedules
* Material costs or profit margins
* Management or staffing changes
* Trade secrets or information that gives COMSOVE a competitive advantage
* Information directly or indirectly related to the safety performance of COMSOVE systems or vehicle components
* Information related to accessories, components, or styling decisions affecting COMSOVE’s future products
* COMSOVE Secret, Confidential or Attorney-Client Privileged information
* Undisclosed personal information about another COMSOVE employee, such as his or her medical condition, performance, employment status, or government identifier numbers
* Undisclosed information about COMSOVE customers or suppliers.
* In addition, you should not comment publicly on any vehicle recalls or pending litigation.