We are manufacturing environmentally friendly electric vehicles inspired by the miraculous harmony in the nature of the Balkans for a sustainable world.


ALL-Electric Vehicles

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As individuals with ambitious future goals, they understand the significance of owning environmentally sensitive vehicles. These vehicles aid us in fulfilling our environmental responsibilities and contributing to a sustainable future.


This is because electric vehicles have fewer moving parts and do not have complex internal combustion engines and transmissions. The failure and error rate of fossil fuel vehicles are 70% higher compared to electric ones. Hence, we place our trust in rigorously tested components conforming to European standards for the vehicles we manufacture. To instill this trust in you and ensure you can drive with confidence, we offer a 10-year or 500,000 km warranty for your vehicle.

Original form of the word as model name: "FİRİK"



Door 2
Seat 2
Driving Mode ECO
Combined Consumption 7.6 kWh/100km
ECO Consumption 4 kWh/100km
Combined Range (km) 315
ECO Range (km) 550
Max. Speed (km/h) 90 / 60 (ECO)
Climbing Angle (%) ≤25
Battery Lithium (NCM622)
Battery Brand Sunwoda
Battery Capacity (kWh) 23.92
Charging 50% (22kW/AC) 34.5 min.
Charging 50% (11kW/AC) 68.5 min.
Home Charging 50% (3.3kW/AC) 242 min.
Turning Radius (m) 4.2
Peak Horsepower (Ps) 34
Motor Power (kW) 25
Peak Torque (N.m.) 110
Curb Weight (kg) 690
Max. Load Mass (kg) 300
Trunk Capacity (L) 930
Integrated Solar System 300 W
Tire 165/65R14
Number of Motors Single
Lenght (mm) 2850
Width (mm) 1500
Height (mm) 1530
Ground Clearance of Chassis (mm) 210
Front Suspension Type McPherson independent suspension
Rear Suspension Type Integrated bridge non independent suspension
Multimedia 9-inch floating screen
Vehicle Camera Rear View
*For ECO mode, max. speed is 60 km/h.


COMSOVE FIRIQ dimensions : 2850 x 1500 x 1530 mm.


COMSOVE FIRIQ brown color

COMSOVE FIRIQ yellow color

COMSOVE FIRIQ blue color

COMSOVE FIRIQ white color

*color may suffer up to 30% loss of hue on digital screens


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Original form of the word as model name: "MİNİK"




Door 4
Seat 4
Consumption 8 kWh/100km
Range (km) 332
Max. Speed (km/h) 110
Battery Lithium (LiFePO4)
Battery Brand CATL
Battery Capacity (kWh) 27.64
Charging 0% ⇒ 100% 85 min. / AC (22kW)
Charging 20% ⇒ 80% 51 min. / AC (22kW)
Peak Horsepower (Ps) 39
Motor Power (kW) 29
Curb Weight (kg) 880
Max. Load Mass (kg) 350
Trunk Capacity w/ Folding Rear Seats (L) 1500
Peak Torque (N.m.) 110
Tire 155/65R13
Number of Motors Single
Lenght (mm) 3390
Width (mm) 1650
Height (mm) 1600
Wheelbase (mm) 2275



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Original form of the word as model name: "BUTİK"

Sets out with the motto "Kingdom of Sensuous" indicating its aim to offer more than just a SUV

COMSOVE BUTIQ simulated rear view

Excellent Performance

Powerful and Elegant design

Quiet and Environmentally Friendly for a Green Future


COMSOVE dark emblem